Thursday, February 21, 2008


Anger is a (physiological and psychological) response to a perceived threat to self or important others, present, past, or future. The threat may appear to be real, disscused, or imagined.

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Anonymous said...

I was so mad at my bf's ex, I envisioned itchy and scratchy from the simpsons and I was the mouse! I hate her so much! Go away!!!

Anonymous said...

My mom was annoying me so I told her I didn't love her. She cried for days! Sensitive - sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I have been divorced from my ex for 5 years but I can't get over the hate I feel for him.

What pisses me off is that he's dragged my name through the mud and acted like the victim in the whole situation. I have taken the higher road and have kept my mouth shut.

Just once I would like to run into him or e-mail him and tell him that during our entire marriage I faked 99% of my orgasms. I would love to point out that his tiny thing wasn't good enough.

I would like to go to his new wife and ask her if she fakes for him too.

Anonymous said...

hate my husbands bestfriend.
She is madly in love with him and always trying to get into his pants. I have thought about just killing her so many times and how easy it would be. He knows my feelings towards her. He still stays friends with her because he is male and likes the attention.

He knows if he does anything with her he will have the shit rain down on him. Hell hath no Fury like a woman scorned. Until then I just fantasize about killing her while making polite conversation.

Anonymous said...

I get so angry that my new husband thinks his 16 year old son and his 11 year old daughter are so perfect. The 16 year, when he visits, comes and goes as he pleases. Neither one has to do anything in the house. He is always so far up his son's ass when he IS there it's not even funny. But when my son, who is 19 and has his own apartment, comes to visit, my husband acts like the world is going to end. There are times I wish I never had married him. It's my house. I bought it. He moved in with ME. I should be able to have my son come visit me and his sisters any time I want. If he doesn't like it, he should move the hell out. And I wish his ex would die a slow a painful death, or at least leave us the hell alone! I HATE her and I HATE when his kids are at my house. He ignores me when they are there. He ignores my son when my son is there.

I hate feeling this way. I want to like his kids (and I do like his daughter, the 11 year old) but it's so hard when he shows such favoritism to his spoiled brat son.

Anonymous said...

i work right next to an old awful woman who does nothing but make personal phone calls and take as many as 10 breaks a day to go outside and smoke. she has an annoying loud voice and an unending, thick, hacking cough and she stinks. she talks endlessly about her new trailer she lives in with her unemployed adult children and their illegitimate offspring, who look retarded.
i do everything i can to make her life miserable. i hide air fresheners in her desk and throw her work away. i use her sign-on to do things we're not allowed to do to customer's accounts. i put upside-down staples in her chair so they stick her in the ass. i spit in her coffee when she's not there and steal her office supplies. i even sabotage her completed work so she looks like even more of a useless cow than she is.

she recently threw her back out while she was taking a shit and bellowed in the bathroom for a half-hour until someone came and transferred her to a rolling chair and then to a cab. i laughed.

Anonymous said...

She's always around, he defends her to death and thinks she's all innocent but she's trying to get him back and I know it.

I found out she emails him and he secretly meets up with her for drinks and he claims he doesn't talk to her anymore after I caught him at her place at 1AM for "food".

I sometimes wish she would just move cities to somewhere where she would leave us alone. I wish my boyfriend would realize how much I love him and tell her to leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

i get so mad whenever my bf snaps at me. Whenever i have a problem, when i confess to him its always a problem between us that sparks, but if I dont say anything then he says im shutting him out, but when it comes to him, im always expected to be there. i hate that he cant be there as i am for him. i also hate his ex. i wonder why he says he's over them but still keeps all the emails and "letters" in a frame?a frame for godness sake?sigh

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate this fake bitch. Oh, what was that? You didn't do the work you were supposed to do? Oh big surprise. You are such a fucking waste of space. Stuck up, ugly, bucktoothed bitch. I fucking hate your guts. If I could spend one wish on something that I would want, it would be to beat the shit out of you. I would kick you right in the face so I could smash those huge horse teeth right out of your head.

Fuck you. You are a slut whore bitch and I hate you. I hope you get crabs and syphillis, oh yeah and herpes. Uncurable herpes that is really bad. The kind you can't get rid of. You and your bastard boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

I hate a coworker for no apparent reason. She has done no harm to me but I hate her with the white hot hate of a thousand suns. She has grey (yes, grey!) teeth. She always wears sweaters with turtlenecks underneath (in August!). She has had the same hairstyle since the 80's. She's damn near fifty and has eerily smooth skin without any sign of wrinkles (it's unholy - wtf?). She is a tedious, monotonous bore who traps me in conversations about her furnace and other exciting topics.

Most of all: I hate her because she is nice to me and wants to be my friend. I hate her because she bakes me cookies and tries to invite me over to her house. I hate her because I get the feeling she pities me despite her own hideousness.

I hate her because I have no reason to hate her other than the fact she provides me with a mirror into my own ugly, shallow, mean-spirited soul.

Anonymous said...

i am so angry with my ex's bestfriend who has been hitting on me when my ex went overseas. my ex's bestfriend has been telling me the downside story of my ex, which did influenced me.when i confessed to my ex about what was going on, i then was accused as the bad one!the bestfriend has been telling shit and didnot admit to what i have confessed.i broke up with my ex.but, i really hope that one day my ex will find out what evil the bestfriend has done to him.