Thursday, February 21, 2008


Pride refers to a strong sense of self-respect, a refusal to be humiliated as well as joy in the accomplishments of oneself or a person, group, or object that one identifies with.

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Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I had a fight over geography and he was right. I didn't want him to know that so he'd rub it in my face, so I made a whole website to show him I was right, with fake information.

Anonymous said...

me and my girlfriend are really struggling at the minute, we both work but we got screwed by the bank over a loan.
i want to buy her an engagement ring but can't afford it. i go without food but i tell her i've already eaten. our car needs serviced we have no money for Christmas presents. but i can't help being a bit jealous of my neighbors when i see them with even the most simple of things, bags of shopping a new car or getting an extension done to the house.

i will never steal but i see some people with things that they don't deserve. convicted car thieves with new cars, wife beaters with a nice house, benefit fraudsters going on holiday. i am pretty pathetic but working for nothing is getting me down.

Anonymous said...

Being a Female college student, living in a dorm, I began to see one of the guys I live with. He often falls asleep in my bed after sex and leaves sometime in the middle of the night back to his room.
About a month ago we drunkenly fell asleep and I woke up around 3a.m. to a warm feeling, that was him. I felt the mattress beside me and realized that someone had wet my bed. After ensuring that I hadn't done it, the fact that he wet my bed and then LEFT without even waking me up absolutely floored me. Moments later he returned to my room and explained that he had paniced and left, only to realize that he left me laying in his urine.

I have not told anyone else, but it makes me a little happy to know I can blackmail the shit out of him if I ever need to.

Anonymous said...

I do confess oh Lord, my pride- my selfishness...please forgive me.